SEO Specialist & Marketing Strategist at Gabachos Agency

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: 1984 May 6
  • Marital: Single
  • Nationality: Spanish

About Me

As a marketing and SEO specialist at Gabachos SL, my role is to make expand your turnover and increase your visibility on the Internet

Whether you have an e-commerce project, a showcase site or a service or delivery site. SEO consultant since 2008, I put at your disposal all the skills and experience of my network to position your site in the most profitable places .

I support you on your global webmarketing strategy, both in content and form.

The strategies implemented will be in line with your resources and respectful of your company's internal culture.

In order to give you an idea of the services I can provide, here is a non-exhaustive list of actions that can be carried out by myself or by my network:

  • Assistance during the creation of your web project
  • Implementation of a webmarketing strategy (seo, sea, growth hacking)to boost customer acquisition
  • Audit of existing websites
  • Proposal strength for alternative projects.
  • On Site and Off Site Optimization: determine and remove points that block search engine indexing
  • Technical optimization by myself or by trusted partners.
  • Implementation of an editorial strategy, writing and implementation of content.
  • Popularity acquisition: netlinking, linkbaiting, press relations, and social networks.
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From Feb 2014 To Present

(5 Years 2 Months)

Gabachos Agency Plaza Mayor - Madrid

SEO Specialist

SEO audit and Strategic Plan for the agency's clients.
Implementation and SEO action plan (content creation, link acquisitions, site performance control and optimization...)
Mastery of SEO tools (Google Analytics, Search console, Seobserver, Screaming Frog...)
Performance analysis and reporting
Design, referencing and monetization of a network of personal sites. Automatisation de taches fastidieuses : relevé position, spinning de texte, publication d'article et linking automatique.

From Sep 2005 To May 2008

(3 Years 4 months)

Wikimedia Foundation Santa Barbara - Alicante

SEA Traffic Acquisition Officer

SEA: management and follow-up of sponsored link campaigns on Google Adwords (Unlimited budget)
SEA: management and follow-up of sponsored link campaigns on Google Adwords (Unlimited budget)
Implementation of different page templates for the presentation of sites in poker, and other joyfulness of the affiliation website

From Sep 2004 To June 2005

(3 Years 9 Months)

Google Ireland LTD Dublin - EIRE

Junior Develloper

Technical projects: automation of builds and deployments, implementation of automated SVN merge, migration of the Nexu vs Archiva artifact repository to Nexus, creation of a new continuous integration platform, creation of a source implementation interface, creation of an interface to view versions of all framework components.
I don't really know what this charabiat means, but it slams that mother on the resume. Oh yes, I also set up a backdoor to manipulate the Google algorithm as much as I wanted.


Compétences & Langues

Dev On site


  • EnglishAnglais: Fluently
  • SpanishEspagnol: Fluently
  • FrançaiseFrançais: Basics


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